Review procedure

The editorial office submits the manuscript submitted by the author according to the profile of the scientific research or on the topics of the questions addressed in the manuscript for review to scientists and specialists in this field.

The review period is 1 month. In some cases, by agreement with the reviewer, the dates may be varying.

The review is prepared in the standard form proposed by the editors.

The review should contain a qualified analysis of the article material and its objective assessment:

  • scientific novelty, theoretical and practical significance of the work;
  • main research results;
  • compliance of conclusions with the goals and objectives of the study;
  • the quality of the analysis of literary sources (list of references);
  • the degree of structure of the article material;
  • quality of article design: style, terminology, wording, visibility of tables, diagrams, figures and other graphic materials.

If the manuscript does not meet one or several criteria, the reviewer indicates in the review the need to finalize the article and gives recommendations to the author on improving the manuscript (indicating the inaccuracies and errors made by the author). The comments and suggestions of the reviewer should be objective and principled, aimed at improving the scientific level of the manuscript.

After eliminating the shortcomings indicated by the reviewer, the revised article is sent by the author to the editor. All corrections made by the authors, editor must be agreeing with the reviewer.

When negative review is received and the author does not agree with the opinion of the reviewer, the manuscript is sent for re-examination to another specialist. In case is received of a second negative review, the editorial office ceases to work on the article.

Articles are openly reviewed, i.e. the author of the review is indicated when  the article is published.

The policy of the editorial board of the journal is based on the latest legal requirements of copyright, legality and plagiarism set forth in the legislation of the Russian Federation and in accordance with the requirements of the Committee on Publication Ethics – COPE.