Том 3, №4, 2020

Vol 3 (4), 2020

Review articles

N.V. Lukina, A.P. Geraskina, A.V. Gornov, N.E. Shevchenko, A.V. Kuprin, T.I. Chernov, S.I. Chumachenko, V.N. Shanin, A.I. Kuznetsova, D.N. Tebenkova, M.V. Gornova
Biodiversity and climate regulating functions of forests: current issues and prospects for research

Original research

S.V. Bobushkina, A.O. Senkov, D.H. Fayzulin
 Practice on growing of forest containerized seedlings applicable to the greenhouse complexes of the Arkhangelsk region

A.S. Plotnikova, A.O. Kharitonova
Web-Based GIS for mapping fire regimes of Pechoro-Ilych reserve and its surroundings

T.Yu. Braslavskaya, E.V. Tikhonova, E.V. Basova, T.S. Prokazina
Development of database “North Eurasia forest vegetation” in Center for Forest Ecology and Productivity RAS

E.V. Ruchinskaya, A.V. Gornov
Influence of single trees on floristic diversity and population structure of rare plants species of steppe meadows

Short science articles

D.V. Ershov, E.N. Sochilova
Assessment of direct pyrogenic carbon emissions in forests of Russia for 2020 according to remote monitoring data

Conferences chronicle

A.V. Gornov, A.P. Geraskina, A.S. Plotnikova
IV All-Russian scientific conference with international participation “SCIENTIFIC BASIS FOR SUSTAINABLE FOREST MANAGEMENT”