• DOI 10.31509/2658-607x-2020-3-3-1-7
  • УДК 630:346

To discussion of the Сoncept of the draft Federal law “Forest Code of the Russian Federation”

V.V. Chebotareva, P.A. Chebotarev, V.G. Storozhenko

Institute of Forest Science RAS

 Russia, 143030 Moscow region, Odintsovsky district, s. Uspenskoe, st. Sovetskaya, 21

E-mail: ltsoved@mail.ru

Received: 04.09.2020

Accepted 28.09.2020

The article discusses the concept of the draft Federal Law of the Forest Code of the Russian Federation put forward by the CEPL staff. The timeliness of such a discussion by the wide professional community is recognized. Proposals are being made to change a number of provisions of the Concept. It is proposed to clarify the status of “wild forests”. The thesis about the inadmissibility of leaving the cutting areas of oak forests for natural overgrowth is emphasized, which leads to the transformation of strategically valuable oak formations of the Central Black Earth Region into significantly less valuable deciduous forests without his participation. The authors support the position on the unacceptability of the existing model of private forest management, which leads to “deterioration of the state of forests, reduction of their economic and ecological potential.” A number of proposals are being made to improve the country’s forestry. It is proposed to restore the Ministry of Forestry, transfer the use of forest resources to state forestry enterprises, staffed with personnel, equipment and machinery for the production of all types of forestry work. To add to the section on the indefinite use of forest plots, research institutions, educational institutions, in the use of which there are forest plots for long-term research. It is necessary to exclude other types of use of forest areas (for example, hunting use), where research or educational activities are carried out.

Key words: Forest code, private and state forest management, use of forest resources


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