• DOI 10.31509/2658-607x-2020-3-3-1-28
  • УДК 630:346

Review to the article “The Concept of the draft Federal law “Forest code of the Russian Federation”

A.Yu. Francuzov

             Mokhova, 40, Vologda, 160000 Russia

E-mail: a_franzusov@mail.ru

Received 10.09.2020

Accepted 28.09.2020

The author of the Concept demonstrates a scientific approach and a professional point of view. The author offers a number of new and interesting ideas. In general, the article does not contain defiantly unacceptable judgments, and you can unconditionally subscribe to a number of them. The fact of the existence of such a Concept, obviously, increases the chances of success for the next, new edition of the Forest Code. A significant increase in the forest role of the regions is correctly proposed, although this will certainly increase the number of references and blankets in the text of the law.


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