• DOI 10.31509/2658-607x-2020-3-3-1-6
  • УДК 630:346; 342.52; 349.6

Review of the Сoncept new draft of the Forest code the Russian Federation of scientific council RAS on forest

 A.S. Chibidin


Saint-Petersburg State Forest Technical University

5, Institutsky pereulok Saint-Petersburg 194021 Russia

Saint-Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics

44 letter A, Lermontovsky Prospekt Saint-Petersburg 190103 Russia

*E-mail: alexander.chibidins@gmail.com

Received: 07.10.2020

Accepted: 20.10.2020

The article provides a comment to the concept of the draft new Forest code of the Russian Federation from the scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on forest. One of the main positions of the Authors of the concept: lease relations are harmful for the forest and forestry of Russia, so it is necessary to develop a new Forest code of the Russian Federation. The author of the article (comment) notes that lease relations are not the main problem of the LC RF 2006, and the development of a new LC RF is not a solution to the real «forest problems» of Russia.

Key words: Forest code, forest legislation, forest care, logging, reforestation, forest policy


Gagarin Yu.N., Kontseptsiya proyekta federal’nogo zakona “Lesnoy kodeks Rossiyskoy Federatsii” (Concept of the draft federal law “Forest Code of the Russian Federation”), Voprosy lesnoy nauki, Vol. 3, No 3, 2020, pp. 1-45.

Grazhdanskij kodeks Rossijskoj Federacii (Civil Code of the Russian Federation) 30.11.1994, No. 51-FZ

Law “On certain issues related to the implementation of certain provisions of the forest code of the Russian Federation in the Penza region” (changes concerning dead wood were made by the law of the Penza region of 30.11.2018 No. 3265-PO)

Law “On establishing the procedure for citizens to use forests for their own needs on the territory of the Orenburg region” (changes concerning dead wood were made by the law of the Orenburg region of March 20, 2019 No. 1554/404-VI-OZ)

Lesnoj kodeks Rossijskoj Federacii (Forest code of the Russian Federation) 04.12.2006, No. 200-FZ

The resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation 21.09.2020 n 1508 “About the reorganization of the Council on forest complex development under the Government of the Russian Federation and the formation of the Governmental Commission on development of the forest complex»

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